Turku Printmakers association

Turku Printmakers Association is a regional artist organization the aim of which is to promote graphic art and to bring printmaking to public attention. There are about 90 members in the association.

The association offers its members a possibility to work in a common studio and it also organizes group exhibitions, courses and visits to exhibitions.
Gallery Joella

Turku Printmakers have a gallery of their own called Joella which is situated by the river Aura. Every year about 16 exhibitions representing various fields of visual arts take place in the gallery. In the gallery there is also a sale collection representing the works of the members.
Join the supporting members of Turku Printmakers

Any private person or organization interested in graphic art can become a supporting member of Turku Printmakers. The maximum amount of the supporting members is 99. For the fee ( in 2013 80 euro) the supporting members get a graphic print every year. In addition to this the supporting members will get invitations to the openings of the exhibitions in Gallery Joella and other happenings of the association.