”My art covers subjects such as humanity and its connection to its environment and history. The pieces in the exhibition reflect changes and growth in an individual as well as our connection to others. Our lives are in constant transformation which is made more concrete in life’s turning points and celebrations. These moments that create movement towards change is where my pictures get their start. The pieces combine experienced life events and observations as well as emotions and memories.

Starting on a new piece of art is like going on a journey. I begin the process by drawing the picture on the wood slate and from the first layer of colour I see in what direction the piece is taking me. I believe that creating a woodcut is a dialogue between me, the surrounding world and the piece that grows one layer at a time. You never know where you end up and what kind of feelings, thoughts or surprises the process brings forth. Often the picture changes significantly from what it was when it was first drawn on the wood. This process, filled with occurrences and interruptions, is what makes it invigorating from one decade to the next.” Heli Kurunsaari

Heli Kurunsaari (b. 1971 Lapua) is a visual artist who lives in Helsinki. She graduated from Fine Art Institute of Lahti in 1996 and got a master’s degree from Academy of Fine Arts in 2013.

Kurunsaari has works in several art collections, such as Kiasma and HAM. She is also a member of an art group called Hyäryllinen, together with Jouko Korkeasaari and Sari Koski-Vähälä.

Arts Promotion Centre has supported Kurunsaari’s work.