Join the supporting members of Turku Printmakers

Any private person or organisation interested in graphic art can become a supporting member of Turku Printmakers. Every year the association selects one print of which one hundred proofs are taken. One copy remains with the association and rest of the remaining 99 proofs, signed t.p.l’a, are given to the supporting members — each receiving one copy. How comfortable way to have a print collection! Some of our supporting members already have a collection of 30 works.

The membership fee is 95 euros in 2019. The maximum number of supporting members is 99. Every now and then there opens a possibility for a new member to join. In addition, the supporting members will get invitations to the openings of the exhibitions in Gallery Joella and other events of the association.


Address: Galleria Joella Läntinen Rantakatu 21, 20100 Turku
Phone: +358 46 920 0830
Email: ttg(at)

Works for supporting members from 1971 to present (pdf).

Prints for supporting members:

2023 Lotta Leka: Omppupuun alta

2023 Lotta Leka
“Omppupuun alta”

Markku Haanpää: Tuntematon Atlas

2022 Markku Haanpää
“Tuntematon Atlas”


2021 Tiina Vainio
”Friends for ever”


2020 Sara Manninen


2019 Petra Kallio


2018 Anu Halmesmaa
“Mitä näet?”


2017 Tonja Goldblatt
Sarjasta: “Ensimmäiset havainnot”


2016 Yrjänä Ermala
“Morgan le Fay”


2014 Juha Joro

2012 Teija Lehto
“Mannapuuroa ja mustikkaa”

2010 Markku Haanpää

2007 Nea Siltavuori
“Öinen näkymä”